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Thoughts about Motherhood; Living, Laughing, and Loving Every Moment

What I’m Reading…

I love asking people what book they're currently reading! I love picking their brains and generating more and more titles for my ever expanding book list. Or should I say lists since I have multiple lists in multiple place? Including... Continue Reading →


Kicking the Ceiling

This ideas in this post are ones that I've struggled with a lot recently. The amount of frustration women are feeling within the job sphere and in their home lives are as undeniable as they are controversial. This issues are  broad and multifaceted and... Continue Reading →

2017 Adventures

I've had this niggling feeling in the back of my mind for some time now. This persistent nagging much like the kind you get when you know you've forgotten to do something you're supposed to do. I've found that a... Continue Reading →

What’s Her Secret?

I have finished reading the second chapter of The Resolution for Women. It speaks to a secret that we women have been missing out on for a very long time, one that holds enough weight and promise to change our... Continue Reading →

Ready for Wyatt

We're having a boy! A bouncing baby boy; emphasis on the bouncing as it currently feels like he is using my bladder as a trampoline. Which, from what I've been told, is what I have to expect from our little... Continue Reading →

The Resolution

God has been tugging on my sleeve lately. Not like a sullen child who wants candy or to play or to sit on mommy's lap. More like a friend who has been patiently waiting their turn to spend some quality... Continue Reading →

When Pregnancy Ruins Your Plans…

Even mama's who planned their pregnancies [and tried for months to conceive their precious bundle of joy] can agree with other pregnant mama's on one thing: pregnancy is maybe the one thing in life that can ruin your plans like... Continue Reading →

No Room For Doubt

Pregnancy changes everything, anyone will tell you that. What most people won't tell you, what most people don't talk about, is how a miscarriage changes everything too. It changes how you see a little pink line that pops up in... Continue Reading →

What Makes A Father?

Father's Day has never been the easiest holiday for me to celebrate. Normally the day comes ripe with stinging memories of all that I couldn't be for my father, what he couldn't be for me, and how much we both... Continue Reading →

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