This is definitely one of my favorite topics to talk about, as well as one of my least favorite. I’ve always been passionate about running and exercising in general. I love to run road races, work out alongside friends or my husband, hike, bike ride, walk with my daughter, you name it. I used to do it all without thinking. I ran as easily as breathing. That was before.

Before Hashimotos Hypothyroidism and some bad health decisions all took their toll on my body and my life. Before, I weighed 145 pounds and I struggled to put on weight. I had six pack, I could run a 7 minute mile, and I could bench press 100 pounds easily. Before, I didn’t care what I ate because it was all just fuel for my next adventure.

Now, my 5’8″ frame carries 220 pounds on it. I can barely run an 11 minute mile. I can only bench press 45 pounds, and I watch what I eat so that I don’t turn into a pizza. I take a pill every day to function, and I struggle to keep weight off.

But I am determined to find my way back to health. I will get down to my goal weight of 145 pounds. I will run that half marathon I’ve been dreaming of for 4 years. I will bench press 100 pounds again, and maybe squat it too! I will do it all because I respect my body, where it has been, how far it has come, and where I want it to go. I will do it because I want my daughter and any of our future children to grow up with a healthy mama who can chase them around the yard for hours without breaking a sweat. I will do it so that I am not ashamed to take my clothes off in front of my husband. So that I can feel good in my skin again. I will do it because my body is a temple and deserves to be treated as such.

I will do it because I am worth it.

So I hope you will enjoy reading about my journey back to health and maybe be inspired to get moving and be the best you, that you can be too.