Hi Everyone!

I am so glad you have found your way to my page.  This has been a huge time of growth for my family and I; from getting married, to buying a house, and learning something new every day about what it takes to be parents to our beautiful little girl.  As a  wife, mama, student, and follower of Christ, I am having so much fun exploring all that God is teaching me!

He is certainly challenging me to live out my faith in ways that I never dreamed and every day I am forced to the realization that without HIS love and grace none of this would be possible. I am beyond thrilled to share with you all that I am learning on this journey called life.

I welcome all your responses and feedback so please let me know what you’re thinking. Obviously you can always comment on here but for those who value a little more privacy I am always available at runswithfaith92@gmail.com. If you like what you read please spread the word about my page!

Happy Reading!