As a little girl there was something I loved to do that has stayed with me well into adulthood; I loved helping my mom sew. Not that a 7 year old can help much with the sewing process, however, my mom never excluded me from her creative process and I have some amazing memories centered around my mother’s sewing endeavors.

One in particular stands out because my mom decided, ambitiously, to make full size comforters and pillow case sets for me and my two sisters. She took us to Walmart to walk around and we were able to pick out our two favorite fabrics that she would then sew together with some batting to make us our dream comforters. Mine was amazing. Pink silk with tiny eyelet flowers and vines made up the front, while pink and white gingham made up the backing. It was so lovely. I used to just lay in bed and rub the blanket on my cheeks to feel its softness against my skin.

Sewing isn’t something that my mother did just for fun. It was part of her family heritage. My great grandmother, my grandmother, my aunt, and my mother all sewed amazing things for their family and friends. The skill was passed from woman to woman with care and an emphasis on perfecting the craft down to the smallest detail. For my mother and my aunt, it was a way to provide for their families when they didn’t have the ability to buy brand new things like blankets, clothes, and Halloween costumes. For my grandmother, it was a way to express herself and spoil her grandbabies and great grandbabies.  My Aunt made us these amazing outfits for us as little girls and helped teach my mom to sew.

Every Christmas for 3 years my grandmother would sew these fabulous quilts for us girls and send them in the mail for us as Christmas gifts. She even sent one for my daughter before she was born. My mom made blankets for my father and her children as a way to show them how much she loved them. She made Halloween costumes for us so that we could feel like princesses every year as she and our dad would take us trick-or-treating. The women in my family poured their hearts into their fabric and all of the stitches they sewed as a way of expressing just how much they loved and cared for the people they were creating them for.

Sewing was a way of life for the women in my family, their legacy. Now, even though my mother and my grandmother have passed away, I can still bring out one of their quilts and wrap myself in it to feel the love of these women who touched my life so deeply. My aunt lovingly teaches me everything about sewing and answers all my questions whenever I may be stuck on some sewing technique I am not familiar with. She has been teaching me to sew with the same care and attention to detail as all the women in my family were taught.

Now I’ve begun a business utilizing these skills. Albeit a small business, but one I am excited and passionate about nonetheless. I aim to infuse my products with the same love and attention to detail that all the women in my life have done before me. When I start to get frustrated with lack of traffic or sales, or the fact that there are days where I can only sew one burp rag at a time, I try to remember why I am doing this. The women that came before me; and the children I am raising, caring, and providing for. Someday I want them to cuddle up in a blanket and feel my love wrapped around them as warm as the blanket itself. I want all of my customers to see the care and attention to detail that was put into everything I’ve sewn. And I want to help my family grow and be prosperous by using my talents and gifts to serve them and others.

This is my “why” and finding it has helped me stay focused and motivated every day I’ve worked on this business.