In my last post I wrote about how important it is to pursue the dreams God gives you without letting fear and insecurity stand in your way. But what if it’s not fear that’s getting in the way? What if the logistics of this dream you have are making it more difficult than you ever imagined to accomplish your goals? What if your accomplishments are so dismal that you just want to give up?

Did God give you this dream to just let it fail? Did He really give you this dream at all?

These are questions that have plagued my mind quite frequently in the last few weeks. Dreams that I had long since let go of have come back to the forefront of my mind, and dug their way into my heat again. And dreams I’ve been hard at work trying to bring to fruition have sputtered pathetically, not gaining as much traction as I’d like or bearing enough fruit to even seem worth the effort I’m putting in.

So what happens when our dreams lose their sparkle? They lose their luster and shine amidst the day to day monotony of motherhood and chores and suddenly they seem to inspire less and less excitement than before.

Surely God ordained dreams should be exciting…right? They shouldn’t feel like wheels spinning without gaining ground or traction. Right?

But what if they do? Because sometimes they do. Disenfranchisement can creep into your heart quickly and bring doubts to the surface that threaten to rob you of the joy that God intended these dreams to bring you. Because He does intend for them to bring joy. Even in the midst of the doubt; and the dirty dishes and laundry that consistently  take time away from  your creativity and productivity.

When we start to doubt this, there’s one sure way to re-center our thoughts. To realign our inner feelings with truth. And to rekindle the joy these dreams were meant to bring us. We HAVE to dig deep into God’s Word. That’s the only way we can regain our perspective.

God intends to bring us good. He cares for the humble. He prospers the work of our hands when we work for His glory. Sometimes these truths are hard to remember when we’re in the midst of the day to day slog. But honestly, there’s no better way to realign your thoughts with truth and banish negativity than to dig deep into God’s word. Unfortunately there are always going to be moments of doubt and insecurity. And oftentimes our dreams take a lot more work than we ever could have imagined.

Sometimes they start to feel more like chores than dreams, more like just one more thing to do on our already endless list of responsibilities. Then you look at the website with only 7 views for the day, or your sales sputter to a complete halt, or something breaks that you just cannot afford to fix, or your investment doesn’t turn around and your lack of funds means you may not be able to pay the mortgage that month and then those dreams can start to feel a little more like nightmares. But there is hope. Real hope. Not the kind of recycled cliché motivational quotes that the world has to offer.

You can find it only one way. The best way. Open the Bible, draw near to God, and rekindle that spark that of a dream that God placed into your heart.