I love asking people what book they’re currently reading! I love picking their brains and generating more and more titles for my ever expanding book list. Or should I say lists since I have multiple lists in multiple place? Including the backs of some of my books! 

So I thought I’d start a thread of posts called “What I’m Reading”, to share my current reading material with you all so hopefully you can add to your lists too! Some of my reading material is fun fiction, some is spiritually inspiring, some is health related, or centered around child rearing, and some doesn’t really fit into any category at all. But reading is one thing I am super passionate about and have been since I was a child. It’s my escape. My favorite way to learn. And the best way to unwind in my humble opinion. 

So I hope you enjoy reading about what I’m reading; and I hope you share with me some of your favorite titles too! Let’s expand our horizons together and possibly learn some new exciting things along the way. 

Right now I am reading The Magnolia Story written by none other than Chip and Joanna Gaines from HGTV’S Fixer Upper series. Personally, I’m not normally a fan of celebrity books because they generally seem fad-ish and inauthentic to me. But those are two things this book is not. I am half way through and loving every page. Refreshingly honest, Chip and Joanna share their story in a way that makes them seem like two neighbors instead of two reality TV, international celebrity sensations. Their successes and failures are humorous and inspiring all at the same time, and this story makes me feel like if Joanna could make her seemingly far fetched dreams reality maybe I can too. All of this is saturated with their palpable faith in God which just makes it that much better in my opinion. So I would definitely recommend finding this book at the library, borrowing it from a friend, or picking it up at the store. Hide from your kids or husbands or homework for a few minutes when you can and spend some time exploring The Magnolia Story cause its definitely worth the read.