This ideas in this post are ones that I’ve struggled with a lot recently. The amount of frustration women are feeling within the job sphere and in their home lives are as undeniable as they are controversial. This issues are  broad and multifaceted and talk of the so called “glass ceiling” has dominated everything from online forums to presidential debates. I don’t really want to get into a debate with anyone though, I am not interested in arguing over whether women are underpaid, underappreciated, or should be working outside the home. These things are undeniably important, but they aren’t my main concern.

My concern is the affect that this term, and how it is being applied to woman everywhere whether they choose to accept it or not, is having on the level of satisfaction and contentedness women are able to feel when they make the hard choices with regards to whether or not they work inside or outside their homes, have children, get married, or remain single and childless. Our society has found its way to a place where we are resistant to any and all labels, denying any sort of predetermined role or skill set, and unable to accept that there is truth of any sort except for our own versions of “truth” as we choose to see it. We have come to the point that those who claim science alone has made us what we are, are now denying the concreteness of gender in spite of how science has so clearly illustrated it develops and differentiates.

Where does this leave women? Women who believe what God has promised them, that their roles are unique, their purpose is special and important, their differences beautiful and designed for a specific purpose? How do we resist the world’s notions that our gender identity as they refer to it, is merely a construct of humanity, bearing no significance, having no worth, and merely an idea that holds us captive and prisoner, unable to break this supposed “glass ceiling”?

The truth is, there is an ultimate truth. God has given it to us, laid it out word for word for us, infused it with His spirit to bring it alive within us, and given us access to it so that no matter what the world may say, we can be satisfied and content within our god given roles. Regardless of a woman’s choice to pursue a career in the marketplace, or be the CEO of her home and family life, God has given us all that we need to find our “purpose” and to be content with it. Now that’s not to say that we should accept limitations placed on us by archaic hierarchies that stem from the sinfulness and arrogance of humanity. These are without question limitations that God did not design to be placed upon women, or men, for that matter.

He did, however, forewarn us of their existence and what impact that could have if we let them define us. Worldly ideals, no matter how appealing or truthful they may seem, are oppressive and restrictive if and when we let them fill in the blanks where God’s word should reside in our hearts. We will not find validation for our choices from societies that deny the individual any sort of uniqueness while at the same time touting the false idea that individual morality and truth is the most freeing and desirable for all of humanity. The fact remains that too much of what society would like us to believe is contradictory and confusing, and getting wrapped up in it can cause the sort of confusion that cripples women, destroys their dreams, and paralyzes them from making decisions that serve their families.

There is no such thing as a “glass ceiling,” if we believe the truth that God has spoken into our lives. Our impact on our families as women is boundless and immeasurably important. Our roles are tailor made to suit our unique capabilities and gifts as God has given them to us; and while my family may not look like yours and you may have a career that goes further than I ever dreamed of taking mine, if we are faithful to pursue the path God has chosen for us, seeking His guidance and listening for His voice at all times, there are so many beautiful possibilities for where we can go.

Women, we don’t need to strive to make as much as our male counterparts as far as monetary compensation, we don’t need to push our male partners to appreciate us and believe in us, and we certainly don’t need to show men that anything they can do we can do just as well or better. Fair treatment of women is not going to happen in this world if we expect it to happen of our own efforts, or to be given to us by humans just as sinful and fallible as we are. Only God can provide these things, only He can validate us in the way our hearts so keenly desire, and only when we embrace this truth will we finally break the so called “glass ceiling” once and for all.