I’ve had this niggling feeling in the back of my mind for some time now. This persistent nagging much like the kind you get when you know you’ve forgotten to do something you’re supposed to do. I’ve found that a lot of the time when I get feelings like that its because God is trying to tell me something. As always, He finds the most creative of ways to send His message and He often uses the people I’m closest to in order to deliver His words to my heart.

So this past Saturday two amazing women from my church threw me a baby shower for Little Man K. It was a beautiful potluck style lunch complete with some pretty amazing gluten free sugar cookies and white chicken chili. Needless to say, those two things are more than enough to make this 9month pregnant mama happy. But the wonderful blessings didn’t stop there; the biggest part of what made this day special to me was being showered in prayer by my closest friends, family, and mentors.

As one of these special ladies was praying for me she began to pray specifically about my writing; that in this new year and these new seasons and experiences of motherhood my writing would grow and flourish and reach more people than ever. Immediately that niggling nagging feeling came back. Why hadn’t I said this same prayer anytime in the last few weeks, or months for that matter? Why had I been slacking on something that I love to do so much? Something God has birthed in my heart as a way to minister to other women and moms who, like me, need more of His perspective in our day to day lives of wiping runny noses and watching cartoons while making crock pot dinners.

Slacking is an understatement honestly. I haven’t written in months. I’ve been so caught up in the day to day, the simultaneous busyness and excitement coupled with the more mundane routine moments, that I’ve lost track of counting all of the blessings and lessons God has been bestowing upon me. So now, just two weeks away from meeting our little guy, in the process of selling our first home and hopefully upgrading to one we can grow into in the next several years, in the midst of yet another school semester, I am renewing my commitment to journaling all of these experiences. Not only for my own benefit so I can look back on these moments and see just how far we’ve come and how much we’ve grown; but also so that I can share these amazing blessings and lessons with my wonderful reading audience.

I truly believe that it is in the day to day that we see God show up in amazing and unexpected ways and what better way is there to minister to others than to be intentional about sharing them with other mamas? So my only resolution for 2017, albeit one that is quite late off the block, is to be more committed to this blog. To be intentional to record every blessing, lesson, adventure, setback, and accomplishment that 2017 has to offer me and this growing family of mine. I apologize for my slacking, hopefully I can make it up to you all and in the meantime share some of the more meaningful and sometimes more comical moments that standout this year!