This Monday on a radio show I heard a testimonial about a woman who decided to take a new type of 21 day challenge. This one is simple, it doesn’t require any workout equipment, books, running shoes, or portion control containers. All it requires is commitment and reliance on God.

So what is the challenge? Well, for 21 days you must make a commitment to not complain. Sounds pretty easy right? I thought so too. For about 3 hours that is. Then something happened yesterday that had set my teeth on edge and my first instinct was to text my husband about it and complain. I had to pause and recollect myself for a minute so I didn’t fail the first day of my challenge, and to do that I needed to pray.

You see I’ve never really given much thought to how much I complain. I know I do it, but I’ve always been confident that because I didn’t do it as much as some other people then it wasn’t a big deal. If I kept my complaints to a minimum then who could blame me when I needed to vent for a teensy weensy minute. Right?

What I didn’t think about what how much tension fills my body every time I complain. Or how stressed my husband or friends feel because I am upset about something they can’t fix. And not to mention the fact that they have their own worries on top of that. I hadn’t considered the significance of voicing my complaints either. To me it seemed like no big deal; but I was failing to realize that when we complain or speak negatively about something or someone we give power to negative thoughts. We speak life into them in a way that hurts us and others. We allow these concerns and complaints to shape what comes out of our mouths, and sometimes getting into this habit becomes a slippery slope until all too soon our complaining is generating a negative attitude that is consistently hurting us and those around us.

Well, God has helped me to realize the same thing that the women on the radio show did, that complaining is an extremely bad habit and a dangerous trap we unwittingly fall into. So I texted my husband and my best friend and told them of my plans to take this 21 day challenge and asked them to pray and help me stay accountable. They both agreed and my husband even decided to take the challenge with me! For the next 3 weeks we will be working together and with God to change our complaining hearts and negative minds so that our first leanings will be toward gratefulness and positivity instead. For 3 weeks, every time I feel a complaint coming on, or my frustration level rises to boiling temps, I will be praying for God’s strength and reminders of all I have to be thankful for.

I am excited to see the ways that this will change the atmosphere in our home. I know that the next 21 days really will be challenging, but more so than that they will be rewarding in ways we can’t even imagine. I am praying for a newfound closeness with my husband and with God. And a total shift in perspective. I have already seen proof that when I can’t complain I need to go to God to release my negativity up to Him and pray for His strength to move onward throughout my day in grace and love.

I would love to see this 21 day challenge become more and more popular. If you’d like to take this challenge with us that would be great! Let’s join together in our commitment to be more positive, more dependent on God, and less prone to let negative thoughts spew from our mouths wantonly.