I am discouraged. The numbers on the scale aren’t budging after 2 solid months of healthy eating and faithful working out. I know in my heart of hearts that the numbers on the scale are a tool that Satan is using to try to manipulate me into quitting this quest to get my life back on track. I know that these numbers on the scale are not a measure of my self worth, how much my husband loves me, or how many friends I will have. I know that in the very long run, these numbers will start to drop lower and lower and lower until they are in a healthy range.

But what I need is a lot of motivation and encouragement to get me through right now. So I thought I’d share what I am doing to stay motivated and positive on this journey.

First things first: I’ve connected with a few ladies from my church who are on the same journey as I am; one is even a Beachbody coach who posts these lovely inspirational and motivating workout videos and status updates that I love to watch and use as motivation to get moving. Check out her website here:


There are several other ladies who I love to get together with in the virtual Fitbit world and do weekly challenges that are fun and motivating. It always helps to have friends on this journey.

I’ve also been looking at a blog by Andie Mitchell: http://www.andiemitchell.com/   and let me tell you it is seriously one of the most helpful resources. She has a ton of great recipes and tried and true weight loss tips that are so helpful as well as a refreshingly honest account of her struggle to lose weight. She has helped me so much. Every time I start getting down I remember that her journey took her 13 months. 13 months of hard work, long hours, tough workouts, and healthier choices. I try to keep in mind that these results aren’t going to happen overnight. 13 months is a long time, but it will be so worth it in the long run.

I’ve also been reading a book by Lysa TerKeurst called Made to Crave. It has been such a huge blessing to me when I need a reminder of the real reason why I am doing this. It is not to fit into a skimpy bikini, or size 2 jeans, or to wow my friends and husband, or even to run an 8min mile again. All of these things are just secondary benefits. The real reason I am choosing a healthy lifestyle every day is to honor God with my body. To create a true temple for the Holy Spirit where He can reside. To glorify Him by respecting this body that He has entrusted to me. So after every workout I’ve been reading 1 or 2 chapters of this book while I ice down my legs and it is so helpful. It is the perfect way to wind down from a workout and remember what is really important.

There are a few other things I do when I need a bit of motivation such as Pinning new workouts and healthy recipes, praying, and looking for new workout videos, but for the most part all of the things I wrote about above are doing the trick. It can be quite the roller coaster ride when you decide to change your lifestyle completely and it is very easy to get discouraged as I am finding out. I am just thankful for the bounty of resources and the gracious God I serve that always seem to help me get back on track.

Now that I’ve spilled a few of my motivation secrets please share some of your in the comments section! I would love hear some tips from other women on this journey. weight loss