This will be the first of many posts like this. I have been keeping track of my running mileage and strength training workouts on my phone as well as several fitness apps and a calendar in our basement home gym. I’ve decided to let all my readers in on the action for two reasons; the first being I want the accountability it gives me to have people reading about my accomplishments and the second because I want people to see that if I can do this they can too!

So here it goes: February 27, 2016

Running Stats:   13 miles over 5 days a week. 1 long run totaling 3.75 miles. Average Pace 11min/mile

Strength Training: 1 day of arms, stretching every day, yoga 2 days this week.

Weigh In: 219 pounds. Down 1 pound this week!

My advice for anyone on a similar journey, invest in a good pair of running or training shoes, your feet and legs will thank you immensely. I have two pairs of running shoes that I alternate wearing for my runs. One is a super nice pair I had fitted for me at a specialty running store, I would highly recommend doing this if you’re going to get serious about running because it’s very important to make sure you’re wearing shoes that support your unique stride, footfall, and running style. My second pair is just a cheaper pair of Asics I bought from Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Don’t scorn the importance of keeping track of your progress. I have a Fitbit that my husband won at a work raffle and I love using it to keep track of my daily steps, calorie intake, sleep, and exercise. The app is great and it downloads straight to your phone via Bluetooth. I have a blast doing the challenges with friends! It’s a great way for me to stoke my competitive nature.

I also have a calendar I hung up on the wall of our home gym; I got it for 3 dollars at Target and I looked up a training plan for a half marathon and some basic strength training routines and wrote them down, leaving Sunday as my rest day. It has helped me a lot to stay on top of my progress and to be sure I am getting the most out of my week. training plan

My next bit of advice is simple, listen to your body. You don’t have to go fast or stack on tons of weight to benefit from your routine. Doing so before your body is ready will simply lead to injury and cause a major setback for you. We all know that no one wants that. So take it easy if you’re just starting out and always remember to incorporate rest into your schedule. Your body will thank you for it.

Thanks for reading! I’ll check back in next Saturday =] feel free to share your progress in the comments section!