The Bible instructs believers to pray, to pray about everything and anything, and to have faith that God will answer those prayers. We are also instructed to praise God when He answers our prayers, not just privately, but publicly. So that His name can be glorified and others will see His faithfulness and hopefully be lead to put their trust in Him.

So here goes:

As some of you may know, either by knowing me personally or reading this blog, I have been struggling with health issues for quite some time. Before, during, and after my pregnancy with my beautiful daughter I was constantly battling my body. My stomach issues, attributed to IBS and underlying food sensitivities. My inexplicable weight gain, attributed to the stress placed on my body as a result of the IBS, and in some cases doctors even claimed I was not active enough or that I was lying about the food I was eating and the amount I exercised.

I have developed Pubic Symphysis Dysfunction and Arthritis in both knees as a result of the uncontrollable weight gain, and during the last 4 weeks of my pregnancy my PSD actually reduced me to a bed and a prescription of narcotics and sleep aids. My depression, mood swings, debilitating fatigue, brain fog and anxiety was attributed first to stress, and then to the changing of my hormones during and after my pregnancy.

For the past 5 years I have been fighting a constant battle with my own body and with doctors who would write me off as just another person exaggerating the level of my pain and discomfort. In the past 5 years I’ve had more doctor visits and E.R. trips than I can count on both hands and I’ve seen 5 different specialists for various health problems. I have had a heartbreaking miscarriage. I have passed out cold on the floor multiple times. I have had hundreds and hundreds of blood tests and multiple scans done. I have suffered from debilitating migraines, with no apparent cause.

For the past 5 years I have felt like a science experiment who has little to no control over her own body.

I have cried. Screamed. Cursed. Lain in bed dreading days where I knew for certain I would feel sicker than a dog.

But more important than all that: for the past 5 years my family, my friends, my husband, and myself have all been praying that there would be some relief from this melee of health problems. We have cried out at home and at church. We have prayed privately and publicly. We have been discouraged at many points. But we have never lost hope.

God is faithful!

He answers prayers! Please, please believe me in this. I am certainly not someone who has the greatest prayer life in the world. I am not a prayer warrior, as much as I’d like to be someday. I still have a huge amount of growing to do and a ton to learn about God and my faith. But of one thing I am certain, God answers our prayers, He IS faithful.

I know this because after 5 years of struggle, heartbreak, and non answers, I have begun healing. I have received answers. I have found 2 wonderful doctors who didn’t give up on finding an explanation for me.

I have Autoimmune Hashimoto’s Hypothyroidism at an extreme level. By the time my doctors realized this, I was so sick I should have been in a coma. My daughter’s pediatrician who is part of my family practice doctor’s group was so surprised that, as sick as I was, I was able to walk and talk. My Endocrinologist, the Chief of Endocrinology at one of our area hospitals, made sure multiple times to tell me just how severe my case was so that I would understand the significance of my sickness.

But we prayed. Through it all.

And we have seen miraculous results. I am running again. I am attending college full time. I am making it more than 12 hours a day without needing a 3 to 4 hour nap. My headaches have all but ceased. The brain fog has lifted, the depression has loosened its grip on me. I can shovel the snow off the driveway, and walk up the stairs, and play with my baby girl without having to rest multiple times so that I don’t pass out on the floor.

It has been 4 weeks since I have had a bad day. Health wise. That is a miracle. A miracle.

We prayed, and God orchestrated a miracle for us.

Yes, I have to take what many people would think is a large amount of medicine every day. I have to have regular blood tests and be extremely careful what foods I eat and when I eat them. I still have pelvic pain and arthritis in my knees. But I have lost 3 pounds. Sure, it’s not much, but after 5 years of steady weight gain despite my best efforts, it’s a huge victory for me. My horrible self image, my hatred of my body, has started to fade. My heart has begun to heal.

Because we prayed. Because my God is greater than my mountains. Than my health issues.

Yes, it is hard. It is exhausting. It can be very embarrassing at times. And it is difficult to explain to people who look at me and see a generally healthy young woman, not a woman fighting a battle against her body every day.

But this is my praise report. This is my moment to share with you all the Glory of God. HE IS FAITHFUL! I can’t say that enough. And He has shown me, without a doubt, that Prayer is Powerful.

God is wonderful, and I am grateful, so very grateful.