I see you at the grocery store, at church, at the kitchen counter making dinner. I see you changing endless diapers, wiping snotty noses, tackling 50 loads of laundry. I see you homeschooling, or driving you kids to the bus stop before heading off to your 9-5, or your waitress job, or to the women’s resource center to wait in line for your food benefits.

I see you on your knees every night, praying for your family, praying that they stay safe, healthy, happy. That they don’t forget to say their prayers, that they remember that God loves them. That you love them.

I see you in the mirror, putting on your makeup in the morning. Doing your hair. Trying to hide the tired. To look good for your husband. To look good for yourself. Squeezing in to those skinny jeans, sucking in that mommy tummy, or saying the heck with it and throwing on your sweats, yoga pants, sweatshirt.

I see you when you cry. When you feel defeated. When you’re annoyed to the point of screaming. When you just. can’t. take. one. more. second.

I see you with a baby on your hip, one holding your hand, one walking ten feet in front of you cause you’re just not cool anymore;  or one tucked away in the corner of your heart. Not physically present, but never far from your mind.

I see you sleeping. Fitfully. Tossing and turning. Mind never fully off but thinking about all the tasks ahead of you. All the worries of tomorrow.

I see you laughing. Gasping for air, sides in stitches, i love with your children’s happiness. Never wanting the moment to end.

I see you kissing boo boo’s, wiping tears, calming tantrums in the grocery store line, speaking quietly outside the locked bedroom door. Trying to hold the pieces of their broken hearts together in hands too small for the job.

I see you mama. Every time I look in the mirror. When I look back on where I’ve been, where I am, where I have yet to go. I see you mama. I see the love, happiness, peace, self confidence. I see the anger, sadness, pain, insecurities.

I see you because I am you. We all are. No matter the circumstances, or differences, demographics, race, religions, age. We are all mothers. We share an unbreakable bond. With each other, and with God. Because He sees us too. He sees us, and He knows us. Better than we know ourselves.

So lets stop Isolating. Judging. Whispering. Condemning. Hating. Replace these things with Love. Acceptance. Encouragement. Identification. Respect.

Lets find our Commonality. Lets hold out our hands and embrace each other and our Heavenly Father.

We are Women. We are Mothers. We are Daughters of the One True King. We are worthy to be loved. By Him, and by each other.

I see you mama, I am you, I love you. Keep your head up! You’re doing a great job.

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