Dear Mr. President,

I used to think that there was not much more that you could do to dishonor the American people or the office you hold. Apparently I was wrong. Your words in light of the senseless act of evil that took place in Oregon earlier this week have proved that you are determined to not only to ignore the violence against Christians here and around the world and the demonizing of our previously cherished American way of life; but you now take part in said demonizing and, in effect, you pave the way for future acts of violence.

You said yesterday that we as a nation have become numb to gun violence. You blamed this hateful act on gun laws or our apparent lack there of. You took this tragedy as an opportunity to politically grandstand instead of acknowledging it for what it really was, an act of persecution against Christians. I think you are the one who is numb. This is the only explanation I can come up with for why you so blatantly refuse to refer to this act of hatred as what it really was.

The state of our nation is so sad; but contrary to what you have said, it has nothing to do with guns. It has everything to do with the hatred you yourself have taken part in spreading. Hatred toward the freedom that America was built upon and abhorrence of the Christian Ideals which have shaped our nation’s policies and allowed us to maintain these all important freedoms. Until now that is. You spew anti-Christian and anti-American rhetoric everywhere you go and count on the fact that with colorful words and artful manipulation you can deceive the American people into blindly agreeing with you. I am referring to your insistence that in order to protect our citizens we must sacrifice our rights and freedoms to protect ourselves as we see fit and worship as we choose. The killer has ceased to be the root of the problem; instead guns are the issue and white Christian Americans are stubbornly and  intolerantly unwilling to cop to their share of the blame.

We are called upon to be politically correct and not offend anyone with our prayers or by acknowledging Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior and One True Hope, yet you stay silent and ignore the fact that this killer blatantly targeted those who held Christian ideals. I wonder where he got the idea that this was okay? Clearly I am not saying you are to blame; his mind was twisted and he was sick in ways we never can imagine, what I am referring to is the fact that you have gone so far to ignore the persecution of Christians in this country that the anti-Christian sentiment which surely played a part in this tragedy has become the normal way of thinking.

What we have here Mr. President is not a numbness of the American people to the intrinsically evil nature of guns themselves and the violence they create, as you would have us believe. What we have here is a failure to act, your failure to act. You have turned a blind eye to the decay of our essential American ideals, to the persecution of the American church, and the demonizing of Christian Americans. So we are paying for it with our lives. Young lives. Lives that could have gone so far and done so many amazing things. Instead, they were sacrificed on the altar of political correctness and personal agendas. And instead of acknowledging this as a senseless tragedy, you used it to push your own  ideology and agenda. Shame on you Mr. President. Shame on you.