I am a Google addict. Make that Google, Pinterest, Web Md, Facebook, etc. It’s pretty bad honestly. As a new mom with a teething four month old and my own battles with health issues, combined with my addiction to news and blogs of every sort, I think I need some Internet rehab. Which is extremely ironic I know, seeing as I am posting this on an online blog. But bare with me, I promise this is going somewhere.

In my extensive amount of experience I have come to the conclusion that everyone has something to say about well, everything. Sadly, I am not exempt from this category. But I do try to keep my opinions to myself. Normally.

There are however, times when I am compelled to share my feelings. Even if I feel there may not be as many people reading as I’d like. This time I hope I’m wrong.

So back to my point; everyone has something to say about everything. From how to properly change a diaper, when to go to sleep at night for maximum amounts of energy in the morning (clearly they’ve never had a child), to which symptoms of an illness require Tylenol and some rest to those that should send you screaming on your way to the E.R. Needless to say, these things need to be taken with a grain of salt.

There is however, a source of information and answers that never needs to be second guessed or triple checked. Now if you’ve read my other posts you already know who I am talking about. God, of course.

In all the times I’ve gone to the Bible for an answer, fallen down on my knees pleading for guidance, or written in my prayer journal searching for wisdom, I have never doubted any of the answers God has given me. Never. The same cannot be said for some of the things I read online.

The truth is, I go to the Internet far too often for answers to questions I should bring to the one and only God. And when the Internet fails me, as it so often does, and I finally ask the Lord whatever question it is I have come up with at the moment I am left with the feelings of peace and understanding I’ve been longing for all along.

Now some of you may be wondering why I am writing about something so very obvious. I mean everyone knows that God has all the answers, don’t they? Well to be honest, I think that a lot of us lose sight of this just as often as I do. From the questions that seem so world changing in the moment, (but really aren’t all that epic) such as when to feed my L.O. solid foods or if she is really going to suffocate if I let her sleep with a blankie, to the big spiritual ones, like how in the world am I going to survive this wild ride of wifedom and motherhood when things seem to be falling apart at the seems; God Always has the answers.

You see, God knows my heart like no one else will ever be able to. He also knows everything about my baby L. especially but not restricted to when to feed her solid foods and why she absolutely refuses to go to sleep without something to snuggle up to. He knows all of my hopes and dreams for her, all of the things I am most worried about, and everything I never learned about being a mother without having the luxury of learning all these things from my own mother. The fact is and will always remain that my Abba Father has all these answers and can make up for all of the things I do wrong and for all of the places where I lack.

He also has all of the answers to my most difficult to ask questions. Questions I have trouble speaking out loud let alone posting in some Internet search box.

So the thing I’ve learned since stepping into my new found role of being a wife and mother is an extremely obvious one, but valuable none the less. Because lets face it, just because you read it on the Internet doesn’t make it true. Most importantly, God has answers to every single question to anything we could ever think of. And thankfully, with our Almighty Father, there really are no stupid questions. None at all. He cares a hundredfold more about everything we care about than we could ever imagine, and there’s nothing we cannot bring before him.

So now before my fingers graze across the keyboard with my newest question or concern, I will first bring my concerns before the Lord. Because I know for a fact that He is absolutely infallible. Which is something the Internet probably won’t tell you.