Every year around this time I get the same feeling. It starts when I smell the crisp spring air, hear the birds start to sing out side, and I wake up to one more hour of sunshine each day. I crave the feel of new, brightly colored running sneakers, pavement and trails under my feet, and sweat, yes even sweat, on my face. All of these things add up to one thing…

Running. Running is something I learned to love while in high school. It helped me cope with the variety of challenges I faced both at school and at home, it provided me with an amazing support group of friends, and it gave me a feeling of accomplishment that no one could take away from me. Even as my reasons for running have changed over the years, my love of the sport has not. This year is no exception.

After a very challenging pregnancy that cut my running season short in mid June I was very eager to start training again as soon as my doctors gave me the all clear. In fact, my doctor and husband laughed out loud when, while being stitched up after my c-section, I asked when I could begin walking on the treadmill to build up my endurance and jump start my recovery. I personally thought this was a very legitimate question.

As far as c-section recoveries go I am sure that I have been extremely blessed. By 3 weeks my incision site was almost completely healed and I was able to start walking the treadmill and then by 5 weeks I was given the go ahead to start my training. I have since jogged twice, once outside, and once on the treadmill. I have walked at least a mile pretty much every day since week five and I am beyond excited to be jogging again this season.

I am also excited because I have a brand new set of goals.

  • I am determined to train smarter this year so as to avoid any chance of injury. In the past I have been prone to chronic knee injuries and shin splints but I believe that with smarter training strategies I can hopefully avoid these injuries this season.
  • I would also like to lose a total of 75lbs in order to improve my overall health and help my running improve; my timeline for this goal 1 year. Since it took a long time for me to put on this weight, I will be patient with my body and give it a fair amount of time to get back into shape.
  • My last goal is to run 6 races between now and November, one of which being a half marathon. This may seem a modest accomplishment to anyone familiar with the demanding schedule of a seasoned runner, but for me this just the challenge I am looking for to make my season a little excitement.

My race schedule looks like this:

  1. Martian Run 5k on April 18th
  2. Oak Apple Run 10k on March 30th
  3. Canton Liberty Run 10k on June 20th
  4. Farmington Founders Festival 4 mile Run on July 18th
  5. Brooksie Way 1/2 Marathon on September 20th
  6. Lansing Turkey Trot 5k on November 26th

I am beyond excited! Hopefully I can stick to this schedule as closely as possible, if not I will adjust accordingly and update my race list and I will write a new post after every race to share my results and training strategies.

So tis’ the season for running. Let the adventures begin!!!

Lily running