When I left you last time my husband and I were waiting for Tuesday to come complete with a Pitocin drip and hopefully our baby girl. Tuesday never came. At least not in the sense that we thought it would. That’s because, small favors, we never made it to Tuesday.

I had spent the week since my 41 week appointment praying and pleading with God to please let our little girl come into the world naturally without having to be induced. And on Saturday January 24th, after 4 days of prodromal labor (the evil term I mentioned in pt. 1) I finally went into labor. Quickly.

Contractions started at 6:30 Saturday evening after my husband and I had eaten dinner. We were both trying to relax; he playing his video games, and me alternating between reading birth stories online and watching Once Upon a Time on Netflix. It had been a long couple of days and we were resigned to the fact that I would spend the majority of the evening having contractions that went no where. So when my contractions first started we thought nothing of it. Not even when they were coming 5 minutes apart 2 hours later. I was convinced that this was another false alarm. So I got in the shower.

My mild 5 min apart contractions suddenly became forceful 3 min apart contractions, and after a half hour of debating, praying, and texting my friend who was to come to the hospital with me, we decided it was time to head out.

In the 10 minute car ride to the hospital I had 5 contractions. This was really it! My labor had started all on its own, no pitocin needed. We thanked the Lord for answering our prayers.

By the time we got to the hospital and checked in to triage my contractions were 1.5 minutes apart and 2 minutes long. Unfortunately I was only dilated 1cm. Looking back I should have known this was a bad sign from the beginning. But I was hopeful that the intensity of my labor would have me dilating fairly quickly. As per my birth plan I asked that no one offer me the epidural unless I specifically requested it. And with that being said we (somewhat) happily moved to our Labor and Delivery room.

My nurse was simply amazing. She advocated for me when the resident doctor and doctor on call were pressuring me to have my water broken and internal fetal monitoring hooked up. I knew without a doubt that this was not what I wanted and with the support of her, my husband, and my friend, I stood my ground. I insisted that I be allowed to labor naturally for as long as was safe for our baby. And finally, after 4 hours of trying to pressure me, the doctors gave up and let me labor in peace. Another prayer answered.

So even when 2am rolled around and it was revealed that I had only dilated 1 more cm in 4 hours I was still hopeful that things would all fall into place and go according to plan. After all, we had made it this far hadn’t we?