So much has happened in the past month and sadly I haven’t taken the time I should have to write about them. So I am just going to list a few of them off for now.

First off, on August 25th we found out that our little bundle of joy is a baby girl!! =D Honestly we were very very shocked but so very excited. Somehow, even though I have been feeling her move since about week 17, it took seeing her on the ultrasound machine and finally knowing that she is indeed a she in order for reality to hit me. This is real, we are having a baby. A living, breathing, moving baby girl is going to make her appearance in just over 3 months.

Right around week 20 my hubby was finally able to feel her move by placing his hand on my belly. She rolled over in a somersault as he talked to her and told her how much he loved her. What an amazing feeling! Feeling her move and seeing the joy on my husband’s face brought me to a place emotionally that I have never been before. I have never experienced happiness like this ever in my life and it is such a blessing from God. Now she moves almost continuously all throughout the day and sometimes it is a bit painful or uncomfortable, but it always makes me smile. This little girl is coming soon and I cannot wait to meet her!

Not everything that has happened is as exciting, but its all reason to praise God. Sadly, I won’t be attending university this fall which is something that got me feeling pretty depressed and sorry for myself at first, but soon I realized that even in my disappointment God was working things for my ultimate good. As hard as it is to hear stories from my friends and see their status updates about the start of semester I am being blessed by new connections with the women from my church aka MOPS and Moms 2 Moms, the wonderful opportunity to take Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University with my hubby, and a new connection group starting at our church dealing with learning about marriage. All in all our plates are full, maybe not in the way we expected, or the way I wished it would happen but God has provided new opportunities to replace schooling for this season of my life. It may be difficult at times to hear Him say, “NO” but at this point in time I realize that this No is really a yes to bigger and better things.

This fall is the time for developing new connections and relationships, strengthening my marriage and relationship with my husband, and getting ready for our little girl to come in January. Praise God for all that He is doing and how He is moving in our lives!!!