There are a lot of things that can interrupt our daily lives, schedules, routines and wreak havoc on your plans, but few can do it so completely like getting sick. Even if its just a simple cold, sickness has a way of hitting you when you least expect it and taking more out of you than you ever thought it would, both physically and emotionally speaking. I learned this the hard way this week.

All summer I have been running around like a chicken with no head, bouncing from one engagement to another, never sitting still for more than what seemed like five minutes. My husband pointed out over and over again how draining it was getting to be so busy all the time but I never really got it. Even though pregnancy fatigue was giving me quite a run for my money nothing could stop me from doing everything I could to get as much accomplished as I could in a short period of time. I figured that my time is going to be so limited when our baby is born that I needed to fill my time now to make up for all I was going to miss after Baby K makes his or her appearance in January.

Well, despite my plans to run, run, run, my body has needs and desires too that sometimes don’t line up with what I want. What’s more my husband has a point and it is never a good idea to run both yourself and your significant other into the ground so that you both end up sick at the same time. Unfortunately that’s exactly what I’ve done. Now we are both bundles of sniffling, coughing, ear aching, irritability and neither one of us has any energy to do anything. Leave it to God to use this to teach me a few things I’ve been studiously ignoring.

  • Listen to your husband! Sometimes (okay most of the time) he actually does know what he’s talking about.
  • Saying “NO” is okay. I know I am not the only woman who struggles to say no when we think we can help someone else more by saying yes. But sometimes saying yes all the time makes your tired moody self more of a hindrance than a help.
  • Take a nap. It doesn’t make you lazy! Your body needs sleep and works better when you’re well rested. Who knew?
  • Clear your schedule. Being busy all the time is not a good thing. Its simply too draining and demanding and sooner or later we all burn out.
  • Asking for help doesn’t make you weak. Really! This one was so hard for me to learn. I can hardly even ask my husband for help sometimes. But today I was so overwhelmed with all that I had to do that even getting out of bed looked like more than I could handle. So my best friend graciously postponed her own plans for household chores in order to come help me with all that I had to do.

Now I know that these five things seem pretty obvious and not all that hard to grasp, but for someone such as myself, it sometimes can be quite hard to admit I can’t do everything all the time. I am also well aware that many of you may be thinking that this post kind of contradicts my last post but really they go hand in hand. When you have something of a set routine that’s simple and easy to stick to, it makes it that much easier to get back to and less of a big deal when things go a bit haywire or something like getting sick throws a monkey wrench into our perfect plans. As always God knows us much better than we do, our weaknesses and our strengths; and sometimes he uses something as simple as a cold and an ear ache to show us that we are trying to take on too much all at once.

As far as lessons go, these ones were somewhat harder for me to learn than they should have been, but I am very glad God has shown them to me now through a small cold instead of down the line with something more serious.