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What’s in a word?

So as far as New Years Resolution or New Year Goal posts go, this one is wayyy behind. But for good reason I promise. Because I've been out working on my goals, so I really haven't had the time, or... Continue Reading →


The Skin You’re In

Love the skin you're in. We've all heard it. Its a wonderful theory. Sometimes though, its not quite reality. Good morning mamas and other readers! Today I'm going to talk about something we all probably deal with pretty often if... Continue Reading →

The Milk Maid’s Tale

Hello Mama's and Readers! I am writing this post from a spot of humility and healing, from relief and the realization that sometimes I am just plain wrong. Believe it or not (you probably should believe it) I am wrong way... Continue Reading →

A Most Noble Profession

As I sit here to write this post I wish you all could see into my house. To see the state of disarray my living room is in; because we slept on the living room floor last night for fear... Continue Reading →

Finding My “Why”

As a little girl there was something I loved to do that has stayed with me well into adulthood; I loved helping my mom sew. Not that a 7 year old can help much with the sewing process, however, my... Continue Reading →

Motherhood Meets Truth

I took this picture on Easter morning; a lovely picture of my daughter in her beautiful Easter dress just about ready to head to church for the morning. I didn't post this picture on Facebook, or Twitter, or Instagram. Because in... Continue Reading →

Finding New Hope

In my last post I wrote about how important it is to pursue the dreams God gives you without letting fear and insecurity stand in your way. But what if it's not fear that's getting in the way? What if... Continue Reading →

Divinely Inspired

I've always been adventurous, impulsive really, ready to jump into that one next thing for a new experience, a new thrill, a new perspective. Anxiety is not usually something that keeps me from stepping out and doing. At least not... Continue Reading →

All The Reasons

I read this book in high school, one that Netflix recently decided to turn into a miniseries, and for once I think they got it right. The novel and the show are called Thirteen Reasons Why, and this novel had so... Continue Reading →

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